This comes originally from NBC about a high school junior from Upland California. The pitcher, Ryan Olson had pitched 6 2/3 innings of a high school baseball game (most high school games go to 7 innings) with 20 up and 20 down all by strikeout. At the last out, the coach of this team PULLS THE PITCHER so that a senior could pitch the final out. I put the issue here in bold so it draws your attention to it. Why would you pull a pitcher, regardless of venue, when he or she is on the cusp of perfection, just so a senior could play on senior day? Did I miss a memo somewhere? I get the point that you have to allow everybody time to play, but NOT WHEN YOU’RE NEAR A PERFECT GAME!!! Some ideologists suggest that the coach pulled him because he didn’t want the pitcher to blow out his arm. My retort to that is that he should have been pulled earlier. If this was senior day, the coach should have started the idiot instead of Mr. Olson. The coach started Mr. Olson and went 6 2/3 innings of strikeout pitching just to be pulled so that the senior could get the last out? WHAT THE FUCK ASSHAT? If I were the principal of that school your coaching job would be mine and your job would be in serious question. You don’t pull your pitcher in that situation. Take a look at Santana and the Mets first no-hit of the Cardinals. The Mets coach didn’t pull him, even though Santana was well over his all time high in pitches with 130. Mr. Olson was looking at something around 60-120 pitched for that game. I have to say that this blunderfuck goes in the WTF hall of fame.